Refreshing Myself

I love being outdoors. Especially when there are not lots of people to disturb the scenery. Introverts are Awesome.

I had this feeling yesterday. I wanted to go and be outside, play with my camera, and just relax and enjoy nature. But, being Saturday, I knew I wouldn’t get somewhere without lots of people to disturb the scenery. I decided to go over to Inniswood Metro Gardens, armed with my camera, my 50mm lens, and my Kindle, I was ready for an afternoon of relaxation and enjoying nature.

I have a Canon Rebel T3. That means I have a DSLR with a cropped sensor. For you non-photography geeks, it means the 50mm lens doesn’t work the way it is intended to work. To get the same effect, I need to use a 35mm lens. I have a 35 mm lens, but I need to get it fixed. Putting a 50mm lens on my camera gives me interesting options that work really well for close-up photography, among other things. I wanted to see what I could do with it, thinking it could be a good lens to take to conventions until I can get my 35mm fixed.

The great thing about a fixed lens – a lens that does not zoom, you have to do that manually – is it takes great pictures in low lighting. Pictures I would probably have to use my flash for when using my standard lens don’t need the flash with my 35mm. It also creates great depth of field options that I can’t get with my standard lens. Both great things for at conventions where most of the pictures I want to take are inside. After today, I think I need my 35mm fixed if I want to use a fixed lens at DragonCon. But that’s part of why I bought a PowerShot. I just need to get the hang of using it first.

Anyway. I took a ton of photos, 51 of which I decided to do further processing on when I got home. I uploaded them to Flickr and put them in the album Inniswood II. It’s not the first time I went out and took pictures. It won’t be the last. It’s beautiful out there. I took a few pictures and, after photographing some beautiful pink and green leaves, I decided to sit down in the grass and read. I took off my flip-flops, sat down on the grass in the shade of the tree, and read. It felt so nice. Just sitting there on the earth, birds and insects and people in the background, sun shining down, breeze gently blowing. I stayed there as long as my legs would let me.

When my left foot started to fall asleep, I got up and waited to put on my sandals as long as I could. Soon after, a nice gentleman asked me if I was just taking pictures of the flowers or if I was also taking pictures of the animals. When I responded that I hadn’t seen any animals, he showed me pictures of and told me how to find an owl that was perched nearby.

Just as I was about to give up and walk back, I saw the owl. It just sat there, calmly, as I calmly stood there and admired it. I tried to take as many pictures as possible to capture it’s beauty. It was so awesome.

After taking more photos, I stopped by the Rock Garden and spent some time there reading and taking in the nature.


Again, I sat there enjoying the nature, the sound of the water, even most of the people walking by. Eventually I decided to head out for the day. But not before stopping by the flowers out front again. While I was photographing some roses, I met another friend.

A bumblebee landed and took its time going over the flower. I took photo after photo, so excited that it landed and it took so much time. I kept my distance and let it do its thing. Eventually it flew off, checking out other flowers but not landing. What can I say, I like photographing bees!

It was a great time. I got to relax, read, enjoy nature, and take some really cool photos. As I was processing them, I noticed that the lens caused the background to blur in interesting ways. I didn’t do anything to cause patterns in the blurred backgrounds. It’s all in the lens. I like it if I have the space and time to be the distance I want to be from the subject. But that won’t work for DragonCon. At least now I know I have a great use for it and selling it would just deprive me of a really neat tool.

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