Fracking funk!

I’ve noticed that there are times where I’m really motivated and almost can’t stop from getting things done. Then there are times where I just don’t want to get up until I have a reason to. Some reason does come along, and I get my butt out of bed. But I really hate those periods.

I’m in one of those periods right now. This morning, I was completely rested and ready to go – in that sense – by 10am. It wasn’t until my sister called around 1pm that I got out of bed. Granted, getting to snuggle my hubby counts as a good reason to stay in bed. I realize it’s probably a mild depression, but it’s really frustrating until it goes away, which it does.

I know that part of it comes from the living room still being full of my stuff from consolidating my BG apartment back into here. I promised myself that I wouldn’t work on any of my costumes until I got the living room taken care of – because it would stay a mess or possibly get worse if I did. I keep wanting to work on my costumes, but knowing the state of the living room stops me.

But the living room is still a mess because I’m trying to figure out where everything is going. I’ve been working on getting my room in shape so I can get things put away, but also work in the room. I think it’s about to the point where I really can’t do anymore and need to tackle the living room. I really need to just get working on it so I can finally get sewing. I’ve got everything for three costumes and enough to get started on the fourth. I want to get as much done as I can before I get a job so I can have all four ready to go for DragonCon!

I realize that was a bit of a ramble, and if you made it this far, thank you! Sometimes I just need to get things out there. Thanks for dealing with my crazy.


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