Increasingly Online

It’s amazing how much time we spend online now. Today I’ve been having trouble with Netflix working and had an urge to post about it somewhere online. When I was trying to figure out where to post it, Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or a blog, I stopped.

When did I start wondering where to post my miniscule frustrations? When did I decide that every random thought needed to be put out there for the world to see?

Then I started thinking about Facebook. I still remember back when it was only open to college students. It was a place where people could stay in contact and share their likes. Now it feels like its turning into a place where people go to vent and complain. It’s times like this that I want to just get off of it. But what I need to do is focus on the positives and ignore the negatives and probably stop following a few pages.

But it got me thinking. Why do we suddenly feel the need to share every little thing with the world? The world does not need to know that I was frustrated with Netflix. The world does not need to know about the little problems we have every day. But we share them anyway.


New Year’s Want To Do list

What can I say, I’ve never really liked making resolutions. You always end up forgetting them by the end of the year. So I’m going to start a list of what I’d like to do this year. I might put it up on it’s own page if I can remember to update it.

Without further ado:
What I’d like to do in 2015 (web-friendly version)

  • Get all As and Bs in all classes
  • Create good relationships at Gallaudet
  • Go to more Deaf events
  • Be more financially responsible
  • Use my camera more often
  • Try to post more often
  • Spend more time with the hubby

The great thing about a list is that it can be updated as the year goes on. Have you started your to-do list? Get going!

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 770 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate you sticking with my craziness. It’s only going to get crazier!

Wicked Girl

Today was not the greatest day. But it helped me realize a few things. One was how I have been treating this blog.

There are times where I do take the time to sit down an compose a wonderful blog post.

There are times where I sit down and vent and post a journal post.

I am making a change. From here on out there will only be composed blog posts. I have had a LiveJournal account since I was in college. This is back when LiveJournal was the place to be to connect with friends. It was in the days before Facebook was ever thought of. That is where my journal posts will be from here on out.

If you enjoy those posts that are rambling and are more journaling than blogging, then please head over to my LiveJournal. All of the posts that I want any other human being to see can be read without being a LiveJournal member. There’s even a link to an RSS feed for it way at the bottom after all the tags.

I am hoping that by increasing my journaling, it will help me to write better blog posts more frequently. And my blog posts will still involve my life, just not quite so many details about it.

I’m a wicked girl and I’m saving myself.

Life = Sledgehammer

At least it feels that way. Lately I have been so busy with so many things that I want to share with all of you but I haven’t had time to do it. So I’m going to quickly run over everything and go into details in their own post. Also it’ll help me remember what I wanted to write about.

I am continuing to make progress through The Dresden Files. I’m up to Proven Guilty although I do have a short story I need to read quick before moving on. It really is cool going though all of it again. But seeing as I’m reading everything except the short stories on my Kindle (the Paperwhite makes reading before falling asleep so much more convenient!), I was really starting to jones for a book.

Thankfully I had picked one up. I had stopped in a Barnes & Noble to use the restroom quickly when I saw a book that I had heard about on NPR (I think) and really wanted to read it. Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain is an amazing and, for me, freeing read. I have probably mentioned it before, but I am an introvert. My hubby is an introvert. Many on my dad’s side of the family are introverts. But America is the land of the free and home of the extrovert. It is hard living as an introvert in an extroverted nation, but Quiet helps me to realize that it’s not a bad thing. I’m barely a quarter of the way into it and I love it! There will be a very thorough post, or two, about this wonderful book!

Ever since taking a basic photography class at school, I’ve been getting more and more into photography. I’ve always enjoyed it, but that class inspired me to start investing more into it. Recently I’ve invested a little bit more. I bought a 35mm lens and a couple of ND8 filters, one for the 35mm and one for the lens that came with the camera. I think that 35mm lens is going to change how I take pictures in a wonderful way.

This is a complex one. First, while I am working on The Dude’s on the Grid sweater, I’ve also been inspired to get the supplies for a couple of baby blankets. Friends of ours recently had a baby and I wanted to do something for them. Then I remembered that my sister requested I make a Gryffindor-color striped baby blanket for her future nursery. No need for it yet, but I thought “Why not find the pattern now and use it for our friend’s blanket?” So I found a great blanket pattern, and ordered some great purple yarns and needles from KnitPicks. Hopefully I’ll be able to get started on it soon.

Second, I have a new job. I’m working at Jo-Ann’s. It’s really stressful suddenly working an almost 40-hour-a-week job where I’m on my feet for most of that time after working at a desk job for over five years. I’m slowly starting to get used to it again. But add school to it and I’m having a hard time finding a good balance that includes time for myself. I’m really hoping that writing here will give me some of that me-time again.

Fall has inspired me to start cooking again. Between cranberries and squash and Brussels sprouts and asparagus, my fridge is full of food waiting to be cooked. As things happen, pics are posted to Instagram. Hopefully there will be posts here to talk about the wonderful photos I’m slowly filling up my Instagram with.

Okay. Now I think I’m going to meander toward bed. I’ve rambled for long enough.

Summer cleaning

So….things look a little different around here. I decided to go through and weed through the tags. There are only a few that aren’t visible in the sidebar. While WordPress encourages lots of tags, I’ve come to realize that tags are a great way of kinda sub-categorizing things. I went through and organized things and now they work much better.

Then, after doing all of that, I thought the site needed an update. I think I’m good with this theme for a while. The only thing that bugs me is that you have to hover over pictures and the sidebar to get the full color in them, but they’re not too faded otherwise.

Hopefully things will be stable for a while now.

Projects galore!

We are busy little bees here at home.

Like I mentioned before, I have my Dresden Files project all lined up once I get my reading list cleared. Or at least down to one other book. And after I read Skin Game, because I doubt I’ll be able to get started on the project before it comes out. Oh darn. I guess that means I’ll be reading it twice fairly quickly.

Books 1-7 of The Dresden Files
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

But yesterday I gave in and made the project a little simpler. Yesterday the first seven books of The Dresden Files were $1.99 for the Kindle. Now the only books I don’t have on the Kindle are 8, 9, 11-13, and Side Jobs. Wow, I have over half of the series on my Kindle now. Cool!

The contents of the Bond 50 collection
Image from Neuron Syndicate

Next weekend is finally when my hubby gets to do his long planned project: the Great Bond Project. A while ago he bought the Bond 50 collection, which is all the cannon Bond films. He is going to watch all 23 movies over the course of Memorial Day weekend to see how the changing culture is reflected in the movies. I will be joining him for most of the movies. This is going to be fun! It’s probably going to give me a few posts for Ianto’s Black Book.

Spinning off

I don’t know why, but it always seem weird posting my geeky thoughts over here. So I’ve decided to go ahead and set up a separate blog for them. Ianto’s Black Book will contain all my geeky thoughts and opinions as well as convention experiences. I’m hoping to post at least once a week. If you’re interested in my geeky thoughts, head on over! I’m just getting it set up right now. But hopefully I’ll have some posts about MARcon soon, as well as a few other things. 🙂

Heads up!

Just wanted to let everyone know that in my continual effort to write actual blog posts here and not just vent, I am relocating my venting to my LiveJournal. So if you’re interested in the very random thoughts and things that happen throughout my days, go check it out. Otherwise, I’ll see you around here! And I do have some plans for the near future. Muahahahaha. 😀

Feeling better

Somehow whenever I am listening to Kelly Carlin’s podcast (Waking From the American Dream) my brain seems to click into place and I get such insights into me that I always forget as soon as I turn off the iPod. This time I’m writing it down.

The thing that really has been getting me lately is not going to class twice a week. It’s having the web class. Somehow it’s because I’m at home I feel like I’m taking time away from myself. I’m doing that either way, but when I have to physically go to class it feels different.

So I know what I need to do. I need to schedule time for myself. I need to schedule time to just chill out in my room, maybe blog, maybe just relax. But time to just sit in my room and not be worrying about class. That’s mostly what I’ve been doing when I sit down at my computer. I have been losing the desire to just sit and blog because I know that I need to watch a lecture and take notes or go through the pictures, clean them up, and figure out which ones I’m going to submit for class.

Well, I am doing that right now and it feels good. I sat down and only have one lecture left to watch for class. I have finally gotten a blog post up. And I’m going to work on a few more. Also, I have Top Gear going in the background. I feel so much better!