Back to nature

Recently my hair and scalp have been weird. There’s no other way I can think of putting it. Just weird. After washing my hair it felt slightly plastic-y and would get dirty even quicker than usual. Then there was my scalp. Ridiculously itchy does not begin to describe it. Hours after washing, it would be itchy again. This is not right.

This week I decided to go back to No-Poo. I finally went for it this morning. I feel so much better! My hair feels clean again. My scalp has barely itched all day! I think I’m going to use the shampoo once a month until it runs out and go No-Poo the rest of the time. I really missed how good my hair feels after a good No-Poo.

Today I decided to get back to another great habit I had let go of. For the last few weeks, my breakfast has been an amazing Larabar. But recently I’ve been finding that it’s not quite enough. Also, a good hot breakfast would be a great way to start the day. Tonight I finally got a new batch of oatmeal made up for the week. But this time I loaded it up in the pan. Usually I just use water to cook the oats and add raisins and agave and milk when I heat it up. This time I cooked the toasted steel cut oats in almond milk, cinnamon, and agave nectar, and I added the raisins after it was ready to sit and simmer. OMG. I did good! I licked some off the spatula and I wanted to dig in right then!

Now if my ASL teacher could just post the grade for the second half of my final that will tell me whether or not he’ll write me a letter of recommendation I’ll be great!

Happy Hair!

A week or so ago I switched back to my wonderful no-poo method of washing my hair. I had run out of shampoo and I realized that in summer weather the no-poo is better for it than the shampoo. My hair is loving it.

And then tonight I made it even happier. It has patiently been waiting for almost a year. But my hair has now been henna-ed once again! I missed this! What took so long was the fact that Whole Foods no longer carries Ancient Sunrise henna for hair. I finally was able to order some and tonight was the first opportunity to actually use it. I love this stuff! I’m going to stay on top of it this time so I can maintain the wonderful rich red that the henna leaves my hair.

Now I’m going to sit back and watch the Top Gear blokes try to get across Syria in one piece.

Surprising hair

My hair likes to surprise me. Lately I’ve been meaning to do a BS/ACV wash but I never have enough time to devote to it. But I’m starting to wonder if I really need it. I’ve been able to go 5 days without washing it, period. And that’s with the shampoo I’m using. I’m starting to think that warmer weather is better for it. More green this way

Trying something different

In asking for some advice as to what to do about my no ‘poo situation in the No ‘Poo community on LiveJournal, I was repeatedly told to just keep doing what I’m doing. But part of me is worried about the fact that there is more hair in the drain when I no ‘poo. So I’m going to try something in between.

On Saturdays I’m going to do the usual BS/ACV washing of my hair. Then on Wednesdays I’m going to use something else to wash my hair. That way it stays clean, I’m not overdoing either way, and, who knows, my hair may do better. I’m going to give it a month and then see if I want to keep doing it. Wish me luck!

No more no ‘poo

For a while I’ve had a friend telling me how bad using baking soda and apple cider vinegar are for my hair. And I kept replying that I’d stop using it if I notice anything bad happening to my hair. I haven’t. The other day another friend said that prolonged use of something with high acidity, like the ACV, can fry your hair. Again, I said that if I notice anything bad happening I’ll stop using it. At that point my hubby pipes in and comments that when I don’t use the BS/ACV to wash my hair, there’s less hair in the drain. That would be something to support me not using it anymore.

As so many people tell me, there are other ways of going no ‘poo. The way I first learned about it, I was given the impression that no ‘poo was using baking soda and something acidic, like ACV, to wash and condition one’s hair. I’m going to do some research into what else I could use. I really like how clean my hair felt after washing my hair that way. I had some Burt’s Bees shampoo and I bought a travel size shampoo of another brand this year, both for use at Dragon*Con. Walking around all day with a wig on and a warm costume usually means I need to wash my hair and I didn’t want to try to bring enough BS and ACV to wash my hair the entire weekend.

The Burt’s Bees shampoo isn’t bad, but my hair doesn’t feel quite as clean. The travel sized stuff is great for my scalp as it has tea tree oil in it. But my hair doesn’t look good as long between washings. So I guess it’s time to do some research. I may be moving to something in between no ‘poo and conventional hair care. Does it bug me? Yes. Is it going to be better for my hair? It depends on what aspect you’re talking about. I’ll keep you all updated as I do my research! Wish me luck!

No Impact Man’s impact

I recently started reading No Impact Man. Within the first 50 pages I was starting to worry and stress and second-guess myself as to whether I am doing enough or not. I buy fast food and throw away the wrappers. I throw away things that simply need a rinse to recycle instead, because I don’t want to take the time. I use aluminum foil instead of my reusable silicone baking mat instead of going out and buying a baking sheet that’s big enough for the mat. Yesterday I actually wrestled with myself over the desire to get a hot lunch that was meatless, which meant Chipotle. I didn’t want to have the excess waste, but I didn’t have anything else.

Then I read more of the book Thursday night. He went through almost the same dilemma, but then realized that he shouldn’t be panicking. Because while we do throw away a lot of things, it’s not the end of the world if it’s once in a while. There’s only so much one person can do. Yes, if you’re willing to go as far as he did, you can throw nothing out. But for most of us, who don’t want to or can’t go that far, there are still things that aren’t going to be reusable or recyclable. Our society and commerce have become one full of disposable items. Yes, there are many ways to avoid using them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go to Chipotle every once in a while to get some awesome, whole food.

It also gave me perspective and helped me realize how much I do that is beneficial to the planet. I recycle as much as I can. I use reusable items when it’s possible. And when I can’t, I try to use environmentally friendly products when available. For example, while I do use aluminum foil, it’s 100% recycled foil. I don’t know how much is post-consumer, but it’s recycled. I also use 100% recycled tissues and toilet paper, unlike how No Impact Man used to “blow [his] nose on dead trees”. I am no ‘poo and loving it. I also use Dr. Bronner’s soaps in the shower, in the kitchen, for general cleaning, and for hand soap in the bathroom. I buy Seventh Generation products for the dishwasher and the laundry. I have reusable dryer cloths that I’ve just recently gotten through using once and have started using again, which is so awesome!

Basically, while the book is full of ways that I could go farther, it also makes me feel good about where I am right now in the grand scheme of being green. Also I have no plans to further try to get my husband to go greener than he is right now. It’s better to be doing what we’re doing now rather than drag him kicking and screaming, against his will into further greenness. I salute Colin, the author, in how he got his wife to go along with the project, but that’s not for everyone. Love you, dear! 🙂

Loving No ‘Poo!

I am so loving being no-poo right now! I’ve finally gotten the hang of amounts and the process. For me what works best is pouring the baking soda dilution right onto my dry hair. That way it gets down to my scalp and my hair doesn’t get plastered down to my scalp. Then after a thorough rinse, I go ahead a wash the rest of me. Then I do the ACV dilution and thorough rinse after everything else. My hair is so smooth and wonderful, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The other thing is that it’s barely static-y! When I brush it in the morning, it does get a little poofy. But I just run my fingers through it and it kills the static. I work in the office part of a food production plant. Sometimes I have to go through some of the plant to get to another office, so I have to wear a hairnet. Everyone else is having static issues with their hairnets, not me. 🙂 I can hear the crackle when they take theirs off, but my hair just lies there and goes “Aren’t I wonderful?” It’s great!

The green life is going well otherwise. Every week I’ve got at least one, but more often two, kitchen trash bags full of recycling! It’s so nice to be able to just take care of everything that’s recyclable now. We don’t have to take the trash out nearly as often and the recycling fills up much faster than the trash. I’m hoping to start reducing how much goes into both the trash and the recycling. There’s only so much I can do, but I can see a few ways to cut back that won’t have any effect on our current shopping habits outside of having less to throw out in the end.

Speaking of recycling, I have found a wonderful place nearby that recycles all sorts of electronics and CD/DVDs! This is awesome for us because we have a lot of e-waste that I really don’t want to just throw out, including a growing stack of CDs. Also, they pay us for a lot of what they take, so we’ll be getting some extra cash out of it. Cash is always a good thing. Hopefully this weekend we’ll be able to go through everything and get it out. It’s taking up space that we really need for storage and just plain old floor space.

I hope everyone’s enjoying this wonderful fall weather and food. Stay green!

I am alive!

I’m sorry it’s been dead lately. Between moving (which is just so much fun), family issues, and the fact that WordPress is now blocked at work, I have a lot less time to spend on the computer.

Greenness has been flourishing in the new place. I’ve been staying meatless on Thursdays, and having a kitchen to myself is helping a lot more. Every week we have at least 2 trash bags of recycling every week and it takes at least a week, if not longer for the trash to be full. Also the trash bags we use are biodegradable. It’s comforting knowing that I’m adding even less to what’s permanent in landfills.

Because of where our apartment is, I’m taking the highways to work. That has drastically improved my gas mileage. No more stop and go of traffic lights and stop signs. I keep an eye on the traffic way ahead for brake lights and slow down before I have to slam on the brakes. I barely ever have to come to a complete stop. It’s wonderful!

No ‘Poo has been wonderful. I’ve actually been able to go 4 days between washings now instead of 3. I think it’s the water. It’s really nice to not have to worry about washing my hair too much. I love it!

I still want to work on getting plants into the apartment, but there’s the whole being able to afford it thing. Also we haven’t come close to getting everything unpacked yet. So I don’t want to have to try to figure out where our stuff is going along with the plants.

I’m going to try to post more often, at least once a week. I hope you’ll all be patient with me!

All about the hair!

Everyone remember those Tazo bottles? You know, the ones up there in the top right corner of the picture? Well, they’re still there and I am loving it!

A few weeks ago while catching up on posts in the no ‘poo community on LiveJournal, I ran across an interesting post. I noticed how putting the BS solution onto dry hair helped her out, so I thought I’d try it. I had been trying to do a water only wash, basically washing your hair like the cleaning stuff was there but it isn’t, before going on to wash with the BS. It was helping but not that much. I figured putting the BS on dry hair couldn’t hurt.

OMG, it’s the best thing I’ve done so far! I can’t be sure of why, but my hair looks so much better after washing it and by the third day after washing it doesn’t look too bad. I’ve even let it stretch to four days before washing depending on how it looks.

I think it’s because my hair’s so fine, soaking it with water wasn’t allowing the BS to get down to my scalp and do it’s thing. Now it goes on the dry hair and I get a wonderful cleaning feeling. It rinses out so much better as well. Also, it’s not nearly as matted down after rinsing it out like it was before, so the ACV solution can get down there as well. Then when it’s dry, my scalp doesn’t itch nearly as much. I think it’s because it’s getting cleaner and exfoliated better. It’s wonderful.

The really strange thing is my hair looks it’s best when I wash it before I go to bed. I think it’s because it has at least 8 hours before I go and touch it. If I wash it in the morning I’m running my fingers through my hair all day and especially when it’s drying. I think it keeps it cleaner longer. Maybe? I don’t know. All that matters is that it looks and feels amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Keep an eye out. This weekend there may be some big changes to the hair which I will be posting about. 😀