Look Around List!

“Look around! Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

Today alone has been an awesome day! But I’ll talk about more than just today. 😉

Cosplay supply shopping. I went shopping earlier in the week and bought the final few things for a couple of costumes. Now I have everything for four new costumes for DragonCon. It’s inspiring me to get my room cleaned up and organized so I can start working on them and get them all ready for DC!

What Twitter Feels Like“. This is Lin’s latest playlist. He put it out there and Twitter responded with their own cover for it. It is just genius, as usual.

My computer is working again! For months now, online video has stuttered and the audio has been spotty. My iTunes has been crackling. I could watch a video if I wasn’t doing anything else on my computer. What’s the point in that with two monitors?! Last night my hubby asked if maybe I installed something around the time things went wrong. I changed my antivirus and it’s working fine! And it’s strange because my laptop has no problems with it. Oh well.

Packages galore! I recently put an order in with Adagio Teas and it came today! I was most excited over my new storage tins. I ordered another mixed set so my tea storage is color coordinated. Then my order from ThinkGeek arrived with my new car charger and a USB speaker that will definitely be used at Marcon next year.

Finally feeling better. Between allergies and time of the month and hubby bringing a cold home from work, I’ve been trying to get rid of a head cold all week. I hate being sick! The living room is full of my stuff. I have stuff to do. But this cold has been holding me back, only giving me spurts of energy. I finally feel like I’m on the other side of this thing. I just might be able to get some serious work done tomorrow!


I hate being sick

When I went home this weekend, I went home to a sick hubby. He has a head cold. I’m glad I went home because I was there to go on a supply run and continually order him back to bed. Unfortunately, I caught it.

I hate being sick. I especially hate having a fever. I, as I suspect many of you, was raised to break the fever by sweating it out. I hate that. I hate being all hot and sticky and sweaty. I’ve been taking oregano oil, elderberry, and Tylenol Cold Max. Yes, while I prefer natural remedies, I will take medicine if the situation is appropriate for it. I still have a fever. It won’t go away.

I just did a search about breaking a fever. Multiple sites said that you don’t necessarily need to get under covers and sweat it out. Many said that if you’re not cold, you should reduce the amount of clothing you’re wearing. I’m not chilled at all. I’m going to try just being comfortable, staying hydrated and fed, minimizing contact with others, and hope it goes away sometime tonight. Tomorrow is just too important to be sick for. I just don’t want to be patient zero for Con Crud at BroadwayCon. Hopefully getting over this will prevent me from getting Con Crud!