Intentional Interaction

I am part of, a phrase I am really loving, the Oregon Trail Generation. Basically, it means I was born before this massive shift in technology happened. I remember using 5-inch floppy disks and having to use dos to run the program. I remember when computer screens were black with green or orange text and pixelated graphics. I was in college when Ohio State was invited to join Facebook. I watched as cell phones went from larger than the handset of the corded phone at home to small enough to fit into a person’s pocket.

But, like much of the rest of the country, I have a smartphone that has all sorts of apps and regularly get notified to a list of things. Well, at least I used to.

Lately, I’ve been listening to more recent episodes of Kelly Carlin’s podcast, Waking from the American Dream. Kelly takes time every year to step away from social media for a time. Being a Generation X-er, this whole social media thing happened later in her life than mine. Being an Oregon Trail-er, I find an appeal in taking a break from social media. Which is interesting since I’ve recently started using my Twitter for more than a feed for my blogs and following other people. Kelly has taken months away from social media, something I could not bring myself to do.

But I have found something that I find I can do. I am going back to college. I am going back to the days when the only time I could access my social media is when I was in front of the computer. I have turned off notifications for Facebook. I have turned off notifications for Twitter. And, when I do bring up Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr, I do it intentionally. I am not letting myself bring up the page just to kill time. I am bringing it up to intentionally look at what is going on. I don’t want to just mindlessly be scrolling and re-Tweeting or sharing things. I want to be consciously engaging with what is there.

I wonder what would happen if everyone did that. Consciously, intentionally interacting with social media.

Come and follow me, follow me, follow me down…

Earlier this month I was posting a lot of little information, kind of like Twitter or Facebook. I really wanted to share the contents of the posts with you. But this isn’t the best way to share that with you. So I’ve made a couple of changes.

First, I have a Twitter widget at the bottom of the page, but you  may not be able to get to it because I cannot find how to turn off the continuous scrolling so you actually reach the end of the page. So I put a little “Follow Me” button off to the side.

Second, I created a Facebook page for the blog. I like to keep my personal page just that, personal. So I’ve got a separate page where people can follow and I’ll post anything I publicly post on my page on that page as well. That way I can share it with all of you without doing it here.

Or you could just go to my Twitter or the Facebook Page and follow me now! 😀


I’ve been struggling with something. A few days ago I decided to cut all connections between this blog and social media. I posted twice since then and have barely had anyone read the blog. It puts me in an interesting place.

This is the one blog that is mostly just for my thoughts. It’s where I can be free with what I write. But I still like knowing that others read some of the posts.  Sometimes I write hoping that my words will be useful in some way to someone else.

I rarely have high reader counts; that doesn’t bother me. But when I logged on today and saw an extremely low count since my recent two posts, I’ve began to rethink my connections. I think I’ve come up with a solution.

I’ve reconnected to my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts; it seems many readers come through them. But I’m not going to share every post, just select posts. The posts will all be here on the blog, which you can check in on and/or follow independently. But I feel like sharing every single post is just too much.

I hope this works.

Increasingly Online

It’s amazing how much time we spend online now. Today I’ve been having trouble with Netflix working and had an urge to post about it somewhere online. When I was trying to figure out where to post it, Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or a blog, I stopped.

When did I start wondering where to post my miniscule frustrations? When did I decide that every random thought needed to be put out there for the world to see?

Then I started thinking about Facebook. I still remember back when it was only open to college students. It was a place where people could stay in contact and share their likes. Now it feels like its turning into a place where people go to vent and complain. It’s times like this that I want to just get off of it. But what I need to do is focus on the positives and ignore the negatives and probably stop following a few pages.

But it got me thinking. Why do we suddenly feel the need to share every little thing with the world? The world does not need to know that I was frustrated with Netflix. The world does not need to know about the little problems we have every day. But we share them anyway.