Clutch Dance

Whenever I drive any car other than mine, my left foot does the “Clutch Dance”. It dances around looking for the clutch until my brain catches up and goes “There is no clutch, stop that!” But I do like the idea of thinking of the shifter as a snake that I shouldn’t touch. That really would help.


Weregeek from January 15

Yeah. I can completely relate to this comic. Granted, for most conventions it really all starts the night before when you pick up your badge because you pre-registered.

Next you have to coordinate with your friends. What panels are you going to? Hey, we both have time for lunch there, want to meet up?

And of course, the costumes. I stick to one costume per day unless I have a hotel room. I don’t like the idea of having to find somewhere to keep my costumes, change into them, and do the make-up in an area that is shared with who knows how many other people. I don’t want to hold things up just because I’m changing costumes.

But, after a few years of multiple costumes at Dragon*Con, I tend to stick to one costume per day. For Marcon I am bringing 5 costumes for 3 days. But, I have a hotel room, and three of those costumes are crossplay. The other two are really simple and will be great to wear before or after crossplaying for a nice break. But planning which day which is being worn has to wait until they put out the schedule.

I just love conventions!

I give up.

I’m going to go to Ohayocon just for the Saturday. There are too many cool artists that are going to be there. I can’t resist. And while pre-reg is closed, just Saturday is still cheaper than the entire weekend. So I don’t mind. I’m just going to go as myself and be armed with my camera. I’m hoping to get a ton of pics this time. That’s it! I’m going to go as a geeky shutterbug. This is going to be so much fun!

And I get to meet the Pirate!


Upgrade complete!

Yesterday I got three packages: one Krampus bag from The Devil’s Panties (which is totally awesome (“It’s not Satanic Porn”)), and the two main components for my desktop upgrade!

After about 3 hours, I finally had my monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, wi-fi, external hard drive, and converted internal hard drive hooked up to my dock and thus my laptop. I was able to move files around on the monitor while the laptop screen played Doctor Who. It was beautiful!

Now I just need to see if my external DVD drive works, once I find a USB port that’s not being used. There’s a reason I have a 7-port USB hub on its way. Despite the dock having 6 ports and my TARDIS hub having 4, it’s still not enough. So much connects to computers via USB now, it’s amazing that computers don’t come with more. Although, my old desktop did have 8. The laptop does still have two free ports, but I’m trying to limit what’s connected directly to the laptop. I want to be able to simply disconnect the dock and the power supply, if it’s plugged in, and go.

When I get home tonight, there is so much that I will be unpacking! The tea order from ThinkGeek arrives tonight! Also the bulk of my massive order from Amazon arrives tonight. Which means I’ll have Spaced!!! Maybe I’ll find some motivation to get my room cleaned up so I can work on my friend’s Yule present and get it done before we see them on Sunday. I have a lot to do tonight…


Weesh Year 1: Free Wishes!  Insert Licorice HereWeesh Year 2: I Don't Know What This Is But There's a Monkey on the CoverWeesh Year 3: Red Riding Hood Conquers the WorldWeesh Year 4: Love...Exciting and ew

Weesh is a webcomic written by Dan Hess. It’s a webcomic for all ages. And it really is for all ages. It’s about three siblings and Weesh who lives in their home. It hasn’t been made clear exactly what Weesh is. But I can say this much: Weesh is a small green being with long ears, an interesting tail, and eats black licorice so he can grant wishes. The wishes aren’t permanent, but they can get extreme. Only children can see Weesh, but there have been times that’s not entirely the case. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but you should go start reading Weesh for yourselves.

I bought the books from the author when he was at OhayoCon recently. But he does have them all available at the store on his site for the same price. The books contain all the strips, and some of them even have exclusive stories just in the books. It’s worth the low cost and it supports the author.

If you enjoy the active imaginations of kids, you’ll love this series.


You’ve had that feeling, right? You just want to snuggle down and sit and be comfy all day long. Well, that was me yesterday. Just before I left for work, I decided to throw on my Ninj4 hoodie. It’s not like it was cold out. It probably got, at least, into the mid-70s. And it’s not like the AC is on too high at work. I just wanted that warm comfy feeling all day.

It’s amazing what the mind can do. I never thought about being warm all day long. Even when I was drinking my quite hot tea in the morning. I got through the day just comfy cozy. On the way home I did crank the AC up since my car likes to collect heat throughout the day and the sweatshirt is black. Other than that, it was wonderful.

Finished! MegaTokyo Vols. 1-6

MegaTokyo is a webcomic that started back in 2000. It was originally co-written by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston, but eventually Fred became the sole writer. Fred is also the artist for the series. There have been 6 volumes of the strip posted so far by various publishers. I have reread all six.
MegaTokyo Vols. 1-3
The series revolves around Prio (an otaku) and Largo (a gamer), two Americans who, after trying to get into E3 unsucessfully, decide to take a quick trip to Japan. That quick trip turns into a long stay as they promptly max out their credit cards and end up not being able to save up enough money to get back home. If you want to find out what adventures, relationships, and interesting times they’ve had, go read the comic! It’s great.
MegaTokyo Vols. 4-6

Wow. That was amazing. I hadn’t gone back and done a reread in a long time. I decided to read the chapters from Vol. 5 on the site because I’m not sure where our signed copies of the books are. I forgot how much detail and development he went through. I even reread Chapter 11 online (the current chapter) and it all makes a lot more sense now.

***Spoilery info ahead***
I think we’re getting closer to who and what Miho is. I’m starting to think she’s some kind of Magical Gurrl. It’s just making me want to cosplay her even more. Depending on where things are headed, I may need another wig. 🙂
MegaTokyo Vol. 1 and MegaTokyo Vol. 2 by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston
MegaTokyo Vol. 3, MegaTokyo Vol. 4, MegaTokyo Vol. 5, MegaTokyo Vol. 6 by Fred Gallagher
Ratings: Vols. 1-5 4 stars, Vol. 6 5 stars
SBC: Read a book with a green cover, “flower”, or a specific flower name in the title (Vol. 4).
Read a book to continue a series you have already started (Vol. 2).
Read a book set in or about a country you haven’t been to (Vol. 6).