The Author

Years ago I started reading a blog called Bonzai Aphrodite. I was looking for ways to start living healthier and greener. I found them! I also found inspiration to begin my own green blog to share the many resources I was finding with others. Thus, The Green Geek was born!

As time went by I started other blogs with other topics: books, crafts, travel, photography, words. They were all parts of me. Eventually I started to realize that, like in life, all those parts are what make me, me.

It’s been a long journey to get here, but it’s been worth it. And like any journey, it’s not done. Not yet. I don’t like to share personal details, but I will tell you a bit about myself.

I have lived all around Ohio, but I currently call Columbus home. I’m hoping to keep it that way, but grad school is making that interesting.

I love to read, I always have. My favorite authors are Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, Sarah Waters, Douglas Adams, Michael Chabon, and Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, to name a few. My sophomore year of college a roommate introduced me to webcomics. I stared out with Megatokyo and it’s grown into quite the list now that includes The Devils Panties, Girls With Slingshots, Oh Joy Sex Toy, Something Positive, and Order of the Stick.

In 2009, I married the most awesome guy on the planet. He is even more private than I am, so he’s simply referred to as “hubby”. We met while living in the same dorm at The Ohio State University. He lived down the hall from me my freshman year and we slowly became friends and then started dating. It has been the best decision of my life.

Since then there have been a few changes in my life. In 2012 I decided to go back to college and started at Columbus State Community College in the Interpreter Education Program. My intention was to get my Associates degree in Interpreting, work through grad school, and use what I learned in both as a Speech Therapist. Summer 2013 rolled around and I decided to take a different direction. I had fallen in love with American Sign Language and decided I want to study it.
Then I decided that Interpreting was not for me, but I still wanted to go into Linguistics. That is, until my mom introduced me to the Popular Culture department at Bowling Green State University. Yes, I am working on a MA in Popular Culture and am hoping to continue at BGSU and earn a Ph.D. in American Culture Studies. It’s a wonderful fit for me and my polymind.

I also started going to conventions. I had been into cosplay for a bit, but only got to use it at Halloween. Then I was introduced to DragonCon. Having DragonCon as your first convention is kind of like having SDCC as your first convention. It can be overwhelming, but it’s kind of a baptism by fire. Once you get through DragonCon, you can navigate and enjoy any convention. Since then I’ve attended Ohayocon and Marcon, both located here in Columbus. I’m hoping to add Chicago TARDIS soon. Discovering the joy of conventions has been a wonderful addition to my life.

This blog covers all of that and more. I hope I’ve given you a rough idea of who I am and what the blog’s all about. If not, then get reading! Enjoy!