Look Around List!

“Look around! Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

Today alone has been an awesome day! But I’ll talk about more than just today. 😉

Cosplay supply shopping. I went shopping earlier in the week and bought the final few things for a couple of costumes. Now I have everything for four new costumes for DragonCon. It’s inspiring me to get my room cleaned up and organized so I can start working on them and get them all ready for DC!

What Twitter Feels Like“. This is Lin’s latest playlist. He put it out there and Twitter responded with their own cover for it. It is just genius, as usual.

My computer is working again! For months now, online video has stuttered and the audio has been spotty. My iTunes has been crackling. I could watch a video if I wasn’t doing anything else on my computer. What’s the point in that with two monitors?! Last night my hubby asked if maybe I installed something around the time things went wrong. I changed my antivirus and it’s working fine! And it’s strange because my laptop has no problems with it. Oh well.

Packages galore! I recently put an order in with Adagio Teas and it came today! I was most excited over my new storage tins. I ordered another mixed set so my tea storage is color coordinated. Then my order from ThinkGeek arrived with my new car charger and a USB speaker that will definitely be used at Marcon next year.

Finally feeling better. Between allergies and time of the month and hubby bringing a cold home from work, I’ve been trying to get rid of a head cold all week. I hate being sick! The living room is full of my stuff. I have stuff to do. But this cold has been holding me back, only giving me spurts of energy. I finally feel like I’m on the other side of this thing. I just might be able to get some serious work done tomorrow!

Marcon: Registration

Seeing as I have free internet access, I’ll be posting little updates throughout the con. Yay!

In less than an hour I have picked up my badge, and bought and eaten my lunch. Completely different experience than Ohayocon. I am loving this! Aside from it being cheaper, pre-registration means I was able to simply walk in to the room, tell them my name, and get my badge with a Pre-Registration ribbon on it already. Yay!

Now I’m starting to reconsider my costume line-up. Since I’m not doing Harry, I think the Doctor would be better for tomorrow instead of tonight. But that leaves tonight for Arthur. Unless I decide to do a genderbend Arthur (which I’m seriously starting to consider), I have to get the wig in shape first. And since it was originally Ten’s wig, it’s got a ton of hairspray and gel in it.

I guess we’ll find out later! For now, I’ll just watch more Doctor Who. 🙂

Silver Linings

This is my mantra right now. Thankfully I rarely have to think it because my brain seems stuck in that mode.

Yesterday the letter from Gallaudet finally arrived. Unfortunately it was a polite no. But after some tears, I have been focusing on all the positives that I can, and more keep coming up. My life has now unfrozen and I can plan out the next year.

I can now work on getting my credit cards paid off, my student loans paid down, and get my finances in order.
I can now plan on what costumes I’m going to wear for Halloween this year, to Marcon next year, and continue to work on getting in better shape for Dragon*Con next year.
I can take day classes and experience other teachers, and continue to work on my interpreting skills.
I can really get involved in the Deaf/ASL community here in Columbus.
I can apply again next year to Gallaudet and other schools. Unless I find over the course of this year that I don’t need to go to grad school to have a career I enjoy.

Now that my long-term has unfrozen, maybe I can get my short-term in gear again! The motivation is starting to return.

Full schedule

Wow. Things are about to get really busy. This weekend is Silent Weekend. Yay!!! I’m always excited for Silent Weekend. But I’ve got a few ideas I want to try out this time. Also, just being able to sign without having to think about it, like I have to in class, will be nice.

Anyway, next Friday there’s ASL night. Where, I don’t know. Hopefully They’ll have figured it out by then. Then Saturday I’ve got pick-up basketball again. But this time I’ll be better prepared. At least I’ll be in better shape. The next Saturday I’ve got my next presentation for class. I’m thinking of working on it more this weekend. There’ll be plenty of times to work on it. I doubt anyone’ll have a problem with that.

The Friday after that Keith Wann is going to be in Columbus! I am so excited!!! The next night is Easter Vigil, which means being in church for 4 hours but it only feels like 2 at the most.

With all of that going on we’ll probably be going up to Cleveland the last weekend of the month. Wow. Somewhere in there I have to make a canvas duster for Marcon. I’m going to have to get myself in gear!

I need more time!

I feel like that’s been my motto lately. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get anything done. Yesterday I got home from work, grabbed the hubby, and went grocery shopping. After dinner I had a little time to get some research done for a class project. But there’s still the mound of laundry that needs to get finished up. Not to mention all the costume work I have piling up. I’m on Spring Break this week, but my extra time’s getting eating up by responsibilities instead of fun. Blah. Tonight I have to go get an oil change and new brakes. I’m really hoping I’m figuring it’ll take more time that it actually will.

Being responsible sucks. 😛


I have made some serious progress on the kimono-to-haori project. I even took pictures. But they’re still sitting on my camera at home. I’m going to try to remember to get them up tonight. I’m hoping to work on a coat for a costume this weekend, but if I have time, I’m going to work on the haori more. This is so much fun!

Darn it, Shigure!

Lately my motivation to work on Shigure has been increasing. Today I was looking at screenshots of him and noticed he wears a haori from time to time. Now I’m trying to mentally figure out if that old kimono has enough fabric to make a frock coat and a haori from it. I have to admit, I’m thinking the haori’s going to get priority. I’ve got some flannel that would go well with it to line it and make it a nice comfy winter jacket.

This is strange

Typically, I am a jeans and t-shirt type of gal. I don’t really worry too much about what I’m wearing aside from which t-shirt to wear. But the more I think about Ohayocon, the more I think about what to wear. Usually it’s just a case of picking which costume for which day and going from there. By not wearing any costumes, it’s leaving my wardrobe a lot more open.

Here’s what I know:
I’m going to wear my short wig and hat, and my new boots all three days.
The first day I’m going to wear my new Star Trek yukata. It feels better for the first day of the con. I won’t be used to wearing it and Friday’s usually a calmer day.
I want to have my brocade frock coat done for the con so I can wear it on one day. I figure I’ll just wear a black t-shirt or tank underneath it.
I’m going to wear my sci-fi-patch-covered BDU jacket one day.
I want to wear leggings at least one day.
I like the idea of wearing one of my cargo skirts one day.

I’m not used to having so many options running through my head. This is weird!

At least I can now use my camera and take wonderful pictures without having to wear my glasses! I found out that there’s a little wheel by the viewfinder which can be used to adjust it so I can see clearly without my glasses. It makes it so much easier to take pictures. I don’t have to worry about getting the right angle so I know I’m seeing clearly and I can keep light out too! I’m looking forward to Ohayocon even more now.


This weekend has been a series of small struggles. As it’s probably quite obvious right now, I have a shit ton going on in my life. Work, school, grad school applications, family, friends, myself; all of it vying for a part of my day. But I’m not letting it overwhelm me. I know that’s the worst thing I can do. Instead I try to focus on the positives.

One struggle this weekend was food. While I’ve done a great job surrounding myself with healthy snacks at work, not so much at home. And it didn’t help after reading a ton of a really great webcomic about gaming and geeks (Weregeek), I stopped and got a bunch of not so good for you snacks after work and munched throughout the night and on Saturday. But I’m not giving up. It just means I have more bad habits that still need to be worn down.

Another struggle is I have a presentation tonight in ASL class. I’ve been trying to get this presentation to be the best that I can possibly make it. I have only 5 minutes to impart as much information about the person as possible. My problem is there is so much I want to tell my classmates that I’ve had to stick with the super surface stuff. Also, while my teacher has said that the important thing is he understands me, I’d like my classmates to understand me too. But I’ve been practicing today and I’m finding I can add a little more detail as I get more confident in my signing. As the nerves go down, my production goes up. I just have to remember to keep the slides moving in time with my presentation.

I’ve been struggling with myself over some of the ideas I’ve had for cosplays. I worry that I’ve thought of too many and I’ll never be able to get to all of them. Also, I know that once I get into grad school I won’t have nearly as much time or money to spend on them. But, this weekend two fellow cosplayers love my The TRON Lebowski idea and have given me confidence in doing it. Luckily it’s one that simply improves with age, so there’s no rush to get it done any time soon.

I guess the whole point of this is that while there is stress and struggles and problems, there are supportive people out there and there’s never a reason to give up. I’m starting to remember that more often. It’s a good feeling.